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You Can Start Fire Easily - Survival and Adventure for Newbies and City Geeks

Humans and animals cannot live without fire because it provides light, heat, and energy. It is true that our race, we humans, have survived centuries because of fire. Its light is very effective to use for signalling. The heat it produces is very beneficial for our warmth. The energy it provides is actually from the food we eat. We can make food, cooked food, because of cooking. Fire is a blessing as well as a curse. But this article is all about the former. We will learn how to create fire even if it is your first time. Even if you are from the city, fire is going to be a blessing for you.


Here are the following 3 important tricks are going to beneficial for an urban dweller like you when creating fire for cooking, signalling, and producing light at


Cooking. Cooked food from wood is the best tasting meal you will ever experience. For you to be able to cook food on fire and wood, you can start fire with Vaseline cotton balls. Creating fire is easily done even if you don't have Vaseline cotton balls with you. You can gather tinder to start a fire. Dried and fluffy wood shavings are good materials for tinder. Another good choice is the bark of the trees. Preferably, the dried bark of dead trees is the best. Know how to use a Ferro rod here!


Signalling. You can use fire to create signals. Communicating through long distances is possible. Kindling materials like small twigs you can find on the grass floor and splinters of wood are best choices. You won't have a hard time creating a signal. It is best to use dried leaves, lots of it, and put it over the growing fire. The tree floor has lots of dried grass, dried leaves, and dried twigs, which are all, can produce a huge amount of smoke. Smoke created from this pile is a very good signal fire. If you want to learn more about survival fire, you can visit


Light. This is one of the best uses of fire. Our world today won't be this bright if the light wasn't discovered. Long before we were able to enjoy light through the power of electricity, fire was the supreme source of power. Light from the fire has paved the way to most of our discoveries in the night. Light is a good source of fire especially if you are using fuel wood. A good source for fuel wood is dried branches. Dried branches that are as small as your wrist are a good choice. It is easy to get these branches in the forest floor. Look for dead trees. If you have an axe, you can hack it off and cut a few to create good fire logs.


These 3 easy tricks will help you survive the forest through the night, for days, even for weeks.