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Alternative Ways of Making a Fire When You Do Not have Matches


Fire is significant for human living, and there are various ways that you can use to lit fire without using a match box. You could be in a jungle and need to keep yourself warm, and you did not carry a lighter, having the knowledge of alternative ways of lighting fire helps you to survive in any situation.  Learning the skills of lighting up fire without a lighter is an essential survival skill because you cannot tell when you will require fire only to find that you forgot a lighter. Apart from forgetting matches some weather conditions can affect the matches that you could be having and make them wet making them useless because they cannot start a fire. Below are various methods that can help you to start a fire without matches.


Using Friction to Make Fire


This Ferro rod method is the most complicated process of putting up fire without using matches. It requires a person who has patience, but it is an effective way. The essential things that you need are a fire board, spindle and wood. The type of wood that you decide to use will have a huge impact on the effectiveness of the fire. A spindle is a particular stick that you use when generating friction on the fire board to lit up the fire. Once there is sufficient friction you create an ember, and you can use it to make fire. Ensure that the wood is dry because wet wood cannot generate the fire.


Flint and Steel


When going for a camp, you should always have flint and steel.  The type of quartz that you have must be of high quality to help you make the fire quickly. If you did not carry the rock, you could utilize quartzite, and you can use your pocket knife for steel. Char is also essential, and it is got from cloth that has been converted to charcoal. When you strike your flint against the steel in the right way sparks will be produced, and the sparks will land on your char creating a glow. The glow is what you will use when you fold your char to start a fire. To read more on the advantages of knowing how to build a survival fire, you can check out


Vaseline Cotton Balls


Vaseline cotton balls are reliable, and they can start a fire even in the most adverse weather conditions. The cotton balls that have Vaseline make a fire in 30 minutes, and you can carry the Vaseline cotton balls in your pocket because of their light weight. If the cotton balls have sufficient Vaseline, you only require few sparks, and they catch fire immediately. The cotton balls burn even when wet because of their water proof aspects and since Vaseline is oil based it makes them have a flame that can last longer. Watch cotton ball fire starter video here!